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1. Drake - Started From The Bottom [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Freestyle @ONLY1SLYM

  • Published: 2013-02-25T17:20:06+00:00
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  • By Only1Slym
Drake - Started From The Bottom [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Freestyle @ONLY1SLYM

"Slym" Drake - Started From The Bottom [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Freestyle *DOWNLOAD HERE* LYRICS: "It's seemin like the devil's knocking at my door again I'm getting' some confidence, maybe Its annoyin him? He'll continue knockin', now my Temp AND Temper boilin' Put our difference aside and turnt this bitch a horror film But instead, they forfeitin' Thought I was good, but now i'm sure of it! ....maybe this help my life seem more important then Fuck who loyal NOW, they wasn't loyal when I started (and) now them same folks....well, you know how the game go! It's funny how these same ol Lame hoes They(have) came close, but way behind shit...ill never change tho, same clothes from 89 got such a creative mind, its crazy but I'm lazy, not amazed at how I'm still where I started just takin time ...but I've been waiting so patient couple minor setbacks....feel i won't make it Iaint have a job, Academic probation, and Sallie Mae's racist I'M TAKIN' DONATIONS! A niggi sho'll hate it, but I'm STILL goin' to college wit the same list of people that attempt to make apologies ....well hate me more cuz I expect to get a lot of it... I know it kills you niggis when I don't acknowledge it! ...ok, i admit environment the cause of the state of mind that i am in now I was thinkin bout retirement, but then again my children gonna need the assistance, so i applied for wic well put together, don't know why I am puzzlin She wanna exchange names? Everyday im "Ruzzlin' " ....I'm so close I can feel it, lookin like we cuddlin' and im from hood bitch, niggi always up in shit bad news, fuck is this? All i see is sirens... and Facebook statuses.... "RIP TYRUS!" ....through it all they say we gotta keep smiling but the drama make me feel i gotta be violent! and i oughtta keep trying', but the end is very closer cuz now the pop tarts , got carry toasters Heat on em, burn em... Eric Spoelstra I prayin' for whoever coached em cuz we had it feelin like the boondocks w/these two brothers I'm bad enough and mama had the strength to teach two of us One on the block, come in whenever he through thuggin ...the other got hoes, and could be on the gq cover so these two trouble love em, so we both adjusted fine and my lil brother prolly gone be both of us combined! But I ain't the one to guide him at the moment ....just type catch a nut, put it behind me in the morning' She'll be highly disappointed when she get that though then start rumors on a niggi, I should whip that hoe! Naw.....i won't dip that low (I'll) just put a cross through them ex's, this is tic tac toe I let em talk, TALK...iongive a damn Go ahead, MENTION ME....I'll let you niggas spam .......and when shit hit the ceilin fan you aint got the heart, like the ugly bitch on instagram they don't do it like this niggi can.... I know it's(Success) comin' soon...cuz im a minute man I hope life become better than this Cuz disappointment keep on pointin' me to devilish shit But I'm aware and know what negative is So I woke up and prayed to God, and look: I'm STILL IN THIS BITCH! *Visit for EXCLUSIVE "Slym" material.*

2. SLYM - "Really Mean It"(OCT 2011) DOWNLOAD LINK ->

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