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1. MUCK short film trailer

MUCK short film trailer

MUCK is about Mel, a young female open mic comedian who lives with her tabloid-obsessed mother in Queens, misguidedly seeks companionship with a misogynistic male comedian. The film was shot in Queens and Brooklyn, NY. It won the Best Narrative Short award at IndieMemphis and an award from Hammer to Nail's Winter 2015 short film contest: MUCK's world premiere was at the Sarasota Film Festival in April 2015. Other 2015 screenings include the Montclair Film Festival, Berkshire International Film Festival, Capital City Film Festival, Triskel Christchurch in Ireland, Oak Cliff Film Festival, BAMcinemaFest, Palm Springs International ShortFest, Nantucket Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival, Lago Film Fest, Sidewalk Film Festival, Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival, St. Cloud Film Fest, IndieMemphis, and Cucalorus Film Festival. Any inquiries about the film can be sent to [email protected] CAST Mel – Tallie Medel Dolores – Suzanne Grodner Dylan – Pat Dixon Sammy – Hank Gallo Marion – Thami Moscovici Host – Diane O’Debra Onstage Performers – Brer Brian, Mike Raphone, Todd Montesi, Bob Bell, Liz Miele, Jim Melloan Additional Performers – Joe Mulligan, Matt Maragno, Chrissie Mayr, Jeremy Kareken, Laura Bianco, Jesus Acevedo Jr., Peggy O’Leary, Michele Carlo, Janice Erlbaum, Tim Shea, Francis R. Hall, Emma Tattenbaum-Fine, Jessica Delfino, Bob Walles, Margaret Dodge PRODUCTION TEAM Director/Co-Writer/Producer – Bruce Smolanoff * Co-Writer/Producer – Emilie McDonald * Producer – Caitlin Mae Burke * Director of Photography – Sean Price Williams * Additional Cinematography – Peter Buntaine * Editor – Matt Sarno * Associate Producer/Art Director – Andreea Drogeanu * Associate Producer – Janice Erlbaum * Casting Director – Chie Morita * Assistant Director – Aidan Tumas * Assistant Camera – Lina Plioplyte * Assistant Art Director – Shaza Irfan * Sound Recordist – Greg Mailloux * Sound Editor – Arjun Sheth * Colorist – Chris Iversen * Production Consultants – Jamie Stuart, Bill Scurry Hair/Makeup – Emily Nowacki * Wardrobe Supervisor – Jennifer Kirschman * Script Supervisor – Caroline Symons * Key Production Assistant – Maxime Dugot * Production Assistants – Laura Finkelstein, Zach Herwitz, Ji Park, Vincent Rodella * Additional Comedy Writing – Janice Erlbaum * Social Media – Alexia Garcia Composers - Brian Homa and John Albano Website - Claire Peters

2. The Muck | Experimental Short Film | Lizzalucci

  • Published: 2017-03-18T03:22:28+00:00
  • Duration: 123
  • By Lizzalucci
The Muck | Experimental Short Film | Lizzalucci

The Muck Experimental Short Film © Lizzalucci 2016 "I wonder what it would feel like to be free." Cast & Special Thanks: Brittany Ard-O’Connor | Corrina A. | Audrey Clarke | Angela C. | Matt H. | Will K. | Carl P. | Caroline Paolucci | Martha P. | Martina P. | Bonnie S. This video was inspired by Pipilotti Rist’s Lullaby ( -------------------------- + WEBSITE: + BEHANCE: + PINTEREST: + FLICKR:

3. Feelings and stuff

  • Published: 2010-03-22T20:23:54+00:00
  • Duration: 601
  • By Samuli Valkama
Feelings and stuff

Short Film Running time: 11 min 45 sec Logline: "The first step toward a new relationship can be like a jump into cold water." Director: Samuli Valkama Screenwriter: Samuli Valkama Producer: Linda Ky, Kyda Film Executive Producer: Daniela Muck DoP: Jörg Gruber Music: Eike Hosenfeld & Moritz Denis Editor: Rune Schweitzer Main Cast: Jörg Petzold Anna Voy Kunith Luise-Tabea Von Cossart

4. The Majesty of Muck

  • Published: 2009-09-17T10:16:54+00:00
  • Duration: 831
  • By liquidmocean
The Majesty of Muck

Filmed during one complete month of diving in the Lembeh Straits in Indonesia this short film went on to win the 'Prix du Public' at the 34th World Festival of Underwater Images. This prestigious event is held each year in southern France and is often described as the 'Oscars' of underwater film festivals. Up to five dives a day with an amazing guide called Vanuus the world famous dive spots of Lembeh revealed their secrets. Take a closer look into the Muck diving Mecca that is Lembeh Straits.

5. Mayhem

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  • Duration: 83
  • By Sam Needham

For 2012/13 Altura introduce the Mayhem Jacket, their new waterproof, windproof and awesome looking MTB garment. The film was shot in a day amongst heavy rain, wind and plenty of trail muck up in Gisburn Forest with Mark Scott, Sam Flanagan and Jon Hopkinson. Keep your eyes peeled for a Lakes Epic short film featuring the Mayhem Jacket, coming soon. Make a cuppa', sit back, turn up your speakers and enjoy. Sam Riders: Sam Flanagan Mark Scott Jon Hopkinson Director: Robin Puplett Film Maker/Editor: Sam Needham Title Graphics: Haydn Robinson Music: Synth Sense - Tomorrows World (Indigo Remix) Indigo Sound Cloud: Buy Here:’s-World-Remixes-19237.aspx

6. The Muck Trailer

  • Published: 2014-02-19T06:56:50+00:00
  • Duration: 63
  • By Scotchworthy
The Muck Trailer

SXSW Official Selection 2014 Official trailer for Tony Wash's short horror film, "The Muck". "The Muck" is an attempt to recreate the 80s creature flick feel. Influenced by recent "homage" period movies like "House of the Devil" and "The Sleeper", "The Muck" brings a lot of pride to the Scotchworthy team. Filled with stunning photography by Robert Patrick Stern, spot-on period detail from Production Designer Sarah Sharp, a spine-chilling soundtrack by DC McAuliffe, and the gory stomach-churning effects Scotchworthy's FX Supervisor Jason Kain has become synonymous with, "The Muck" is sure to make you think twice about taking a bath ever again!



There is no doubt Jacques would be jealous. Sure, he had pristine reefs and healthier fish populations but the guy was swimming around with a flare as a dive light and a fire extinguisher as a tank (it’s a bit of an exaggeration but his gear was pretty primitive). Today, we enjoy hoseless dive computers that transmit tank pressure, titanium regulators that weigh less than a bottle of beer, and wetsuits that are more comfortable than most day spa robes (another exaggeration). And if you want to compare the imaging equipment…forget about it. Our camera gear would’ve blown his mind. As technology continues to transform the dive industry, we the imagemakers prosper. With brighter lights, bigger sensors, higher resolutions and better optics come the ability to capture subjects and behaviors never before obtainable. The short film, The Not So Silent World, combines all these advents in technology with a fresh perspective on the post-production process. It’s not just about the acquisition of the image, it is how the images are packaged and presented that have the most impact on the viewer. Through an untraditional approach to editing and the addition of sound effects, this film takes you into “the muck” like never before. Hidden amongst its 18,000 islands, Indonesia hides a roughly four mile stretch of incredible diving. But don’t expect schooling barracudas or gatherings of mantas. This area, named Tulamben, is noted for its muck diving. The stars of the show are typically only an inch or two in length and often barely visible with the naked eye. These subjects were once too small to properly shoot but now, well now they fill the screen with detail, color, and motion. So channel your inner Cousteau, turn up the volume and enjoy the show.



For many, the name “Bali” conjures up images of rice paddies, beautiful beaches and towering temples. Yet, for those in the know, this iconic Indonesian island is more often seen as home to some of the best diving in the world. But not just any diving: muck diving. What is muck diving, you ask? It’s a dive experience that defines the mud and mire that lay at the bottom of many dive sites. It is here where the treasures are found. Doesn’t sound like fun, huh? You have no idea. The short film, Bali Close Up, reveals the allure of these hidden treasures, unimaginable numbers of creatures that flourish in the island’s underwater slopes. Here, in the Northeastern part of the island, the most amazing, sublime and elusive animals struggle for existence in a world void of reef, a desert of black volcanic sand. Through the use of creative editing and unconventional shooting techniques, Bali Close Up captures intricate moments of life seldom seen.



Alessandro Bavari: Camera Tremula 1, Noise Melange, XYZ Ocula Depth Fulvio Sturniolo: Camera Tremula 2 Jeff Ensign aka Evolution Noise Slave: Sonic Harmonium Format: Pal Widescreen 1050x576 Duration: 8:27 mins --------------------------------------------------------------- Prizes - Golden Nica at Prix Ars Electronica 2011. - Special Award IED at Skepto International Film Festival. - Best Experimental Film at the 2nd Stortford Film Festival. - Best Direction Prize at the Cinemavvenire Video Festival. - 1° Prize Art Lab at the Festival Internazionale del Cinema d'Arte. - 1° Prize ex aequo at the Corto Dorico Short Film Festival + a Special Mention Prize. - Best Design Prize at the 13th Animation Film Festival Animated Dreams. - Finalist as Best Direction at the Animago Award. - Finalist at the Bolzano Short Film Festival. [email protected] --------------------------------------------------------------- SINOPSYS Metachaos, from Greek Meta (beyond) and Chaos (the abyss where the eternally-formless state of the universe hides), indicates a primordial shape of ameba, which lacks in precise morphology, and it is characterized by mutation and mitosis. In fact the bodies represented in METACHAOS, even though they are characterized by an apparently anthropomorphous appearance, in reality they are without identity and conscience. They exist confined in a spaceless and timeless state, an hostile and decadent hyperuranium where a fortress, in perpetual movement, dominates the landscape in defense of a supercelestial, harmonic but fragile parallel dimension. In its destructive instinct of violating the dimensional limbo, the mutant horde penetrates the intimacy of the fortress, laying siege like a virus. Similar to the balance of a philological continuum in human species, bringing the status of things back to the primordial broth. STATEMENT METACHAOS is a multidisciplinary audio-visual project, articulated in a short film, a set of photography ( and mix-technique paintings. The purpose of the project is to represent the most tragic aspects of the human nature and of its motion, such as war, madness, social change and hate. An accretion of feelings that are metaphorically represented by specific visual forms, which are abstract conceptually, but concrete and tangible formally. The application of acid and monochromatic tints, besides the strong contrasts, makes everything intentionally more oppressive and tragic. In order to obtain a more immersive and plausible version, the shot was taken adopting the camera live technique. The extreme and frenetic motion of the shoulder camera, similar to the subjective one, becomes a main constant, so that, along with the persisting cuts used to edit the video, create a bigger sense of instability and danger. In fact, thanks to the dissemination of Technology, it is possible to notice that the unconscious-esthetic potential of the shots available on Youtube, characterized by a pseudo-documentary and amateur approach, often offer an unexpected emotional involvement, which trigger an exhibitionistic-voyeuristic interchange between the author and the consumer. The irrational gesture and action of the bodies, as if a collective form of madness controlled them, are inspired by artists like Bosch and Bruegel who, between the ‘400 and ‘500, produced an iconography where irrational images show sickly madness and pain. The project has been realized using different techniques: live shots taken in discharged industrial sites, CGI animations, tracking and motion captures, besides various other analogical ones. American Jeff Ensign, aka Evolution Noise Slave composed the original sound track, which has been progressively updated during the video production. The musical score was inspired by 6 separate pieces Jeff had previously created that were then combined into a hybrid. The composition was also based in part from a sonic interpretation of the ideas presented in Antonin Artaud’s the Theater and Cruelty overlaid on Bavari’s images. JURY STATEMENT FROM PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA 2011. Alessandro Bavari’s “Metachaos” is an impressive display of the amazing graphics that can be produced with leading-edge hardware and software. The 8-minute clip begins with a sequence of clear, geometric forms that suggest a serene world. But it doesn’t take long until it’s apparent that this was just the calm before the storm. Shadowy creatures and shockingly grotesque figures intrude into this domain rendered in black & white and sepia tones and rip it to pieces. Using the interplay of light and shadow, intentionally shaky camera movements and quick cuts, Bavari takes us on a tour de force through an unsettling imaginary cosmos that grips viewers and doesn’t let them loose. In addition to its extraordinary visuals, “Metachaos” features an impressive composed soundscape of incredibly concentrated intensity—noise elements paired with driving beats, panic-stricken screams, the rattling of bones and gale-force winds. While some of as did not necessarily share the apocalyptic view of this film, we found that it left the most indelible impression. Narrowly passing through the first round, it grew on us, so that on repeated viewing it miraculously made its way to the top. What starts as a cinematic, kinetik, yet clean field of geometry and bodies, gradually evolves, or devolves, into the artist’s vision of a nightmarish black-and-white world created by a continual collision of the human and the architectural form. It finally culminates in a screaming dance among the ruins. In a impressive virtuoso tour de force, Alessandro Bavari creates a constant mêlée of grime, projectile muck and dust among collapsing spaces at the stage for metamorphosing human bodies with branching limbs that seem constantly to break the architectural environment apart. Zombies with missing limb sand decaying skin and faces sometimes stand around listlessly and other times appear to engage in orgasmic sex. The human forms become insect-like and multiply in hordes across the building forms. Dust particles and snakes of turbolent, ferrous liquid finally explode into an apocalyptic ocean of flotsam and sludge. Bavari’s few collaborators helped shape what the credit call “camera tremula” (shaky, documentary-style camera) and sound design. We commend his dedication to a singular artistic vision that is grounded in his practice as a photographer. This is a representation of a caustic end of the world, a world of a audible pain and hopeless destruction rendered with a disturbing reference to 80s-style computer-generated animation as well as 60s “actionism”.

10. 2016 Demo Reel

  • Published: 2013-05-08T02:22:21+00:00
  • Duration: 36
  • By Laura Hohman
2016 Demo Reel

Breakdown: Kitty Pryde - concept by Matthew Humphrey - model by Daniel Aronoff - look dev/ groom by me Maya, Vray, nHair, xgen Albert, Made for TV Movie Nickelodeon Animation Studio - All development work - Maya, Redshift, Zbrush, Photoshop La Noria: - props and environments Look Dev Maya, Mari, Arnold Duel, Short Film - Jungle/Vine Shaders and Textures - Maya, Arnold, Mari Nickelodeon TMNT - Shredder, Kavaxas, Muck Man - shading and textures Maya, Mental Ray, Zbrush, Mudbox

11. Anilao Workshop : Reef Photo & Video

Anilao Workshop : Reef Photo & Video

This was a fun, short film I'd shot and edited for Reef Photo & Video during their annual underwater photo workshop in Anilao, Philippines. Probably some of the best muck diving I've seen, every dive site was packed with the wildest and craziest critters. You can find out more on this photo workshop and others here: Equipment: -All Underwater equipment provided by Nauticam: -Canon 6D -Canon 7DMKII -Small HD 502 Series Monitor -Keldan 8X Video Lights -Sigma 15mm -Tamron 24-70mm -Canon 100mm

12. ESPN | 30 For 30 "The Opposition" Titles

ESPN | 30 For 30

In collaboration with Muck Media, AW created the title design for this ESPN 30 for 30 short film titled, “The Opposition.” Directed by the extremely talented Ezra Edelman & Jeffrey Plunkett, this film chronicles the turmoil left behind by the 1973 military coup in Chile by American-backed dictator Augusto Pinochet. Specifically how Santiago’s National Stadium was transformed into a concentration camp where political opponents were tortured and assassinated after the coup. Only two months before that same stadium was scheduled to host a decisive World Cup qualifier between Chile and the Soviet Union. Despite protests, FIFA’s own investigation, and the Soviets’ eventual boycott, the Chilean team still played the game as planned, qualifying for the 1974 World Cup on a goal scored against no one.

13. Gone

  • Published: 2013-06-02T02:07:43+00:00
  • Duration: 188
  • By Shattered Tree

Short film I made whilst travelling Scotland's outer Hebrides, Isle of Muck. Music- LAU

14. Point Blank - A Short Action Film

  • Published: 2011-08-27T14:28:02+00:00
  • Duration: 113
  • By Brodie Butler
Point Blank - A Short Action Film

Point Blank - A Short Action Film by Brodie Butler & Elliott Vassila This was just a bit of fun on a Saturday afternoon and edited the same day (except for the special effects). We were further testing the camera, getting some steadicam practice in and it was a basis for us to test how some new special FX would integrate. For what was a muck-around test it turned out suprisingly well! Definitely more of these coming so stay tuned! CAMERA: Canon 5DMKII HDSLR with 24-70mm 2.8 L STEADICAM: Steadicam Merlin vest & arm with Glidecam HD4000 & SmallHD DP6 Monitor Thanks to Johnny Ruffo for helping us film. Thanks to everyone who lent us weapons. (all safe!) Blog @ Twitter @

15. The Opposition | titles montage

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  • Duration: 39
  • By Beynart
The Opposition | titles montage

Title montage for a short documentary featured on the 30for30 ESPN shorts, called "The opposition". In collaboration with Muck Media AND Artificial White "The opposition"- Directed by the extremely talented Ezra Edelman & Jeffrey Plunkett, this film chronicles the turmoil left behind by the 1973 military coup in Chile by American-backed dictator Augusto Pinochet. More details Here:

16. Aidan Moffat & the Slow Loris at Klub Gutenberg

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  • Duration: 860
  • By theQuietus
Aidan Moffat & the Slow Loris at Klub Gutenberg

Klub Gutenberg is a new night from The Quietus and Rough Trade Books where we bring together music, science and literature at the Old Queen's Head in Islington. In February, we invited long-time friend of the Quietus Aidan Moffat down to play some songs, and slow loris expert Dr Anna Nekaris came along to talk about this endangered animal. Here's a short film from the night. Learn! About why the slow loris needs protecting. Hear! Songs old and new Aidan. Discover! More about the girlfriend from that infamous Arab Strap song. Discover! Why you can never trust a narrator. Hear! Aidan Moffat's new children's story (amidst all the muck) The next Klub Gutenberg takes place at the Old Queen's Head in Islington on March 14th 2012. The Sexual Objects will play live, Robin Turner will be reading from his new book on the Search For The Perfect Pub, and you can win win win with a £50 prize quiz. Aieeeee!

17. Muck

  • Published: 2010-10-05T22:48:23+00:00
  • Duration: 2902
  • By Kevin Shepit

Muck (esp. in mining) earth, rock, or other matter to be removed in order to get out the mineral or other substances sought. Muck Kimberley has a rich history in mining. With often 4, even 5 generations of families working in the Sullivan Mine and over 65,000 employees over the 100 years of its operations, Kimberley has a mining history too big and rich to tell in one short film. Spoken from the point of view of local characters, miners and their families, the story of Muck gives a sense of the not so distant mining days. Muck is also is about a team of volunteers who started to transform Kimberley into a tourist destination starting in the 70's and left a legacy of an underground mining railway and interpretive centre in which Kimberley's rich mining history can be celebrated for many years to come. Muck is a warm hearted account of both the good times and bad times shared in the 100 years of Kimberley's mining history.

18. Miss Lil's Magic Eggy Rock

  • Published: 2009-12-09T04:10:59+00:00
  • Duration: 197
  • By Sean Gilligan
Miss Lil's Magic Eggy Rock

Winner of the 2009 ATOM Award for Best Primary School Film. A cautionary tale about what happens when you muck about at school... and your principal has magic powers. Bummer! This short film was made with the St. Michael's Year 7 Film Club on Palm Island. Shot and edited in 2 days... the best way to keep kids from getting distracted. The Film Club stars were - Thyra, Toni-Ann, Micaela, Stanley, Wayne, Danielle, Joelle, Shanden and Kearhla. Produced by Sean Gilligan & Adrian Strong for Strong and Smart Inc. Nov 2008.

19. Bolshe Vita

  • Published: 2015-04-08T03:21:06+00:00
  • Duration: 5870
  • By Cinema Danube
Bolshe Vita

Amidst the political and economic upheaval of newly-democratic 1989 Hungary, Russian friends flee their homeland in search of greater freedom and new opportunity. But as they find a new niche at the titular Western-style rock club, they realize their victory is bittersweet and that friendship is what makes the difference. Director: Ibolya Fekete Screenplay: Ibolya Fekete Director of photography: András Szalai Editor: Klára Majoros Music: Yuri Fomichev, Ferenc Muck Sound: István Sipos Visual design: Zsolt Juhász Buday Costumes: Zsuzsa Pártényi Production manager: Zoltán Gulyás Producer: István Dárday Production company: ZDF Das Kleine Fernsehfilm, M.I.T. Cast: Yuri Fomichev, Igor Chernievich, Alexei Serebriakov, Ágnes Máhr, Caroline Loncq, Helen Baxendale In the hectic summer of 1989 Hungary opened up its western border, which started a new migration in the upheaval of Eastern Europe. Refugees of politics, proverty and war all passed through Hungary, the crossroads of East and West, adventure seekers, smugglers, mafiosos and a few young people who were looking for a new place in a world that seemed to be renewed. They are the heroes of this story. They arrive from various directions: two moony musicains and an egineer from Russia, two girls from Britain and America. They all meet in Budapest, in a rock-pub called Bolshe Vita. They fall in love and wander around town, the boys trying to make living by playing music in the street or doing business in the “COMECOM” market.They all spend the summer together in the short interval between the collapse of the dictatorships and the dawn of the new chaos – that was the time we called freedom. Prizes: 1997 – Angers Premiers Plans Main Prize 1996 – Berlin PRIX EUROPA European Parliament’s Special Prize 1996 – Budapest Hungarian Film Week Best First Film Gene Moskovitz Prize 1996 – Cottbus FilmFestival Main Prize International Film Club Association Prize 1996 – Lagów International Film Festival Golden Grapes Prize 1996 – London Film Festival Satyajit Ray Award 1996 – Sochi International Film Festival Grand Pearl Prize FIPRESCI Prize

20. Atmosphere Resort- Cephalopods

  • Published: 2017-09-28T15:00:51+00:00
  • Duration: 104
  • By Daniel Norwood
Atmosphere Resort- Cephalopods

Any time is a good time to muck dive at Atmosphere Resort, but some of the areas most desirable critters are found in greater numbers during certain seasons. Octopus October is without doubt the best time to see a huge variety of rare and exotic cephalopods along the coast. Blue ring, mototi, and wunderpus octopus are all found on the same dive sites, and flamboyant cuttlefish are so common that after a while you almost begin to ignore them! This short film was shot during the peak of last seasons action and features many of the subjects that bring underwater photographers from all over the world to Dauin in the Philippines at this time of year.