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1. Beauty False

  • Published: 2009-06-06T08:33:59+00:00
  • Duration: 275
  • By Dimitri Soru
Beauty False

A music video written and directed by Dimitri Soru selected to the New York United Festival. The song is from Martin Solveig, a french DJ, named "BEAUTY FALSE". Written and directed by Dimitri SORU Camera Operator: Spencer ZAPPOLO Editor: Romain VITIELLO Photographer: Christine Huang Starring: TOBIAS SILVERSTOPE EMILIE GOSSELIN IAN MCDONALD RIA KIM GEOFF WEBB MARGARETH SULLIVAN

2. Rice Krispies "Dinosaur"

  • Published: 2014-08-12T15:27:13+00:00
  • Duration: 30
  • By Hornet
Rice Krispies

Yves Geleyn's latest spot for the Rice Krispies brand lives beautifully in the world of tactile animated works — a vibrant and colorful jungle of paper, fabric, and paint, where hand carved wooden dinosaur puppets and Rice Krispies live in playful harmony. Newsletter: • Facebook: • Twitter: C R E D I T S Director: Yves Geleyn Produced by: Hornet Executive Producer: Jan Stebbins Producer: Cathy Kwan Live Action Puppet Shoot Producer: Joel Kretschman Live Action Producer: Jennifer Pearlman Editor: Anita Chao PUPPET SHOOT Produced by: Hornet Director of Photography: Ivan Abel Art Director: Elise Ferguson Fabricators: Nathan Aquith, Erika Bettencourt, Hillary Barton, Eric Duke, Peter Erickson, Jon Hartman, Ben Kress, Tim McDonald Sculptor: Michael Lawrence Puppeteers: Tyler Bunch, Billy Barkhurst, David Feldman, Steven Widerman 1st AC: Emilie Jackson Motion Control Operator: Don Canfield DIT: Roman France Gaffer: Michael Yetter Best Boy: Jarrod Kloiber Key Grip: Casey Wooden 2nd Grip: Matt Cryan VTR Operator: Jon Osterman Script Supervisor: Stephanie Andreou Production Assistants: Milton Katz, Stevie Weinstein-Foner Intern: Jon Hartman POST-PRODUCTION Produced by: Hornet Inc Storyboard Artist: Carlos Ancalmo Background Design: Bryan Lashelle Character Designers: Andres Guierrez Torres, Sylvain Marc Animatic Animators: Michelle Higa, David Hill Supervising Technical Director: Sang Jin Bae Technical Director: Ylli Orana Tracking, Lighting & Rendering: Richard Kim Modeling & Texturing: Ylli Orana, Richard Kim CG Animator: Sean Thorpe Lead Compositor: Lee Gingold Compositors: John Harrison LIVE ACTION Produced by: Hornet Director of Photograpy: Russell Swanson 2nd AD: Brock Lee AC: Dave Turner Art Director: Scott Sicari Food Stylist: Brian Croney Wardrobe Stylist: Kristen Robertiello Hair/Makeup: Jacob Geraghty Asst Makeup: Chelsea Reiss Prop Master: Michael Sicari Prop Assistants: Nick Horton, James Quinn Gaffer: Gary Haspel Best Boy: Chris Bucior Genny Driver: Bryan Rubin Key Grip: Derek Murphy Best Boy: Sal Carole Production Supervisor: Marc Kelly Production Manager: Jessica O’Brieni DIT: Doug Anderson Script Supervisor: Renee Van Dorn VTR: Jon Charity Truck Driver: Jason D’Aversa Production Assistants: Dallas Dodge, Isiah Brightly, Jamie Pizarro, Radimeus Floresvence Music: Huma-Huma Original Music & Sound Sound Design: Chris Turner @ Jungle Studios Agency: Leo Burnett London Executive Creative Director: Justin Tindall Creative Director: Don Bowen Art Director: Laura Clark Copywriter: Elliott Starr Account Director: Caroline Voller Agency Producer: Abbie McLean Client: Kellogg Company Area Marketing Director: Paul Humphries

3. Who are the Film Fatales?

  • Published: 2018-03-06T21:19:41+00:00
  • Duration: 242
  • By Film Fatales
Who are the Film Fatales?

Film Fatales supports an inclusive community of women feature film and television directors by organizing monthly meetings in a dozen cities where women filmmakers can share resources, collaborate on projects and discuss relevant topics in their careers. By expanding the landscape of storytelling to include more underrepresented voices, Film Fatales continues to bring exciting new films to the screen. Cinematography by Amy Adrion, Emilie McDonald, Emily Lobsenz Editing by Sasha Sodolukhina Score by Sasha Gordon

4. McDonald's SCRATCH TO WIN director's cut

  • Published: 2014-10-28T12:28:38+00:00
  • Duration: 42
  • By Blacktool
McDonald's SCRATCH TO WIN director's cut

Client: McDonald's Agency: TBWA TV Producer: Émilie Prud'homme AD: Maud Poilpré CR: Mehdi Hamzaoui Production: Blacktool Producer: Stéphanie Huguenin Line Producer: Carla George Executive Producer: HVH films DOP: Olivier Guerbois Editing: Antonio Lizzio

5. McDonald's SCRATCH TO WIN

  • Published: 2014-10-14T19:37:24+00:00
  • Duration: 30
  • By Blacktool

Client: McDonald's Agency: TBWA TV Producer: Émilie Prud'homme AD: Maud Poilpré CR: Mehdi Hamzaoui Production: Blacktool Producer: Stéphanie Huguenin Line Producer: Carla George Executive Producer: HVH films DOP: Olivier Guerbois Editing: Antonio Lizzio

6. NYVES "RETURN" (Official Music Video)


You don’t have to be a boxer to understand struggle. All of us have had moments where our hearts have fallen and the fight has been kicked out of us. Those moments so dark and heavy, they make you want to stop dead in your tacks and give up. The idea of fighting for something you believe in may feel like a cliché, but for anyone who has picked themselves up from the lowest of lows and started to rebuild, knows that it is a feat to admire. When I first heard the song Return, it brought to mind flashes of great fighters and their times of true strength. More importantly, it brought to mind what I admire most, not just the champions, but also the unsung heroes that face defeat head on and never let it keep them down. To fight isn’t just for victory, sometimes it’s to live, to stand tall and get even a breath closer to who you are capable of being. Alongside an amazing cast, crew and client that trusted my vision, we were able to push the limits of challenging weather, locations and time constraints. Everyone came to play with passion and intense dedication, and for that I am incredibly grateful. ESPN Article : CLIENT : NYVES Produced, Written, & Directed : Cale Glendening Boxer : Ethan Stevenson Opponent : Vinroy Barrett Cinematographer : Cale Glendening 1st AC : Michael Beatty 2nd AC : Sebastian Rogers Unit Production Manager : Emilie Paré Aerial Unit DP : Jeffrey Holland Gaffer : Samuel Ryan Willey Best Boy : Scott Frost Art Director : Elise Lacret Art Assistant : Allison Gale Make Up & FX : Hayley Bidez Editor : Cale Glendening Color : Andy Burchett VFX : Chad McDonald & Andy Burchett Special Thanks : John Carrington, Marcus Baney, Kate Gazaway, Eric Oliver, Rob Sawyer, Combat Sports Center, Joe Wilk, K.O. Boxing, José Lujan, Lorissa Ridley , Pound for Pound MMA, Title Boxing Nashville, RENTACAMERA Nashville



Trailer for CROSSING THE RIVER, a 14 minute short film written and directed by Emilie McDonald in 2012. Inspired by a true story about a young boy who is persuaded to commit a hate crime against a biracial girl, the film explores themes of forgiveness, understanding and tolerance. © fervent films 2012 Song "Places We Once Knew" – lyrics & music written by Erin Fisher; vocals Erin Fisher; harmonies Channing Lee; banjo & guitar Quinn Mathews. All rights reserved by Erin Fisher 2012 CAST Grant – Tyler Williams Shawn – Landon Williams Michaela – Desiree Ross Ted – Bruce Smolanoff Jemmalou – Michelle Mills Caroline – Ann Lukens Ed – Vanzell Haire Sue-Ellen – Patricia Garvin Mrs. Stepanik – Jane Brutto Cheryl – Casey Gibson Lana – Pamela Kay Brown News reporter – Leslie Vicary Customer – Cecil Owens News cameraman – Cyril Samonte PRODUCTION TEAM: Director/Writer/Producer: Emilie McDonald Co-Producer: Tammy Arnstein Director of Photography/Associate Producer: Matthew Woolf Editor – Matt Sarno Associate Producers – Natasha Giliberti, Carolyn Mohan, Janice Erlbaum, Bruce Smolanoff Unit Production Manager – Megan Fleming Composer – David Engle Additional music by – Erin Fisher, Channing Lee & Quinn Mathews Casting Director – Chie Morita Art Department Head – Taylor Glazier Art Department/Set Photography – Andrew Callicott Art Department – Clayton Tilley Wardrobe Supervisor & Makeup – Hayley Swinson Wardrobe Assistant & Makeup – Cherelle Guyton Location Manager – Martha Schreiber 1st Assistant Director – Dessa Vanderhorst Production Sound – Will Salley Boom Operator – Eddie Wilson Post-Production Sound Design – Robert Kennedy Post-Production Sound Design & Sound Editor – Gabriel Gutiérrez Arellano Supervising Sound Editor & Sound Re-Recording Mixer – Oscar Zambrano Color Correction – Karla Carballar 1st Assistant Camera – Zachary Breitengross 2nd Assistant Camera – George O’Keefe Gaffer – Tyler Ilgen Swing Grip – Michael Horton Grip – Ryan Briggs Office PA – Kae Benton Office PA – Viesha Floyd Marketing Director – Andrea Rose Communications Specialist – KatyAnna Johnson Graphic Designer – Kacie Rodriguez Publicist – Kyna Morgan Shot on the Arri Alexa Thank you to all our donors and angels for helping us to make this film a reality, to Monroe Gilmour and WNCCEIB (Western North Carolina Citizens For An End To Institutional Bigotry) for being an inspiration, and to Martha Schreiber for doing everything under the sun to help make this film happen. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, 40-50 cross burnings happen every year across the U.S. and Canada. To take action and read more, visit Best Ensemble Cast Award at NYC Downtown Short Film Festival 2013 Best Short Award at NUHO Online Film Festival 2014

8. Armentum and Emily Hobhouse performing at the finals of the 2017 McDonald's Bloemfontein SingOff Competition

Armentum and Emily Hobhouse performing at the finals of the 2017 McDonald's Bloemfontein SingOff Competition

House Armentum and Emily Hobhouse UFS were crowned overall winners of the 2017 Bloemfontein SingOff Competition. Emmentum also received the Best Prescribed Song and composition in the combined category. Other big winners on the night were Villa Bravado and newcomers, House Harmony.

9. MUCK short film trailer

MUCK short film trailer

MUCK is about Mel, a young female open mic comedian who lives with her tabloid-obsessed mother in Queens, misguidedly seeks companionship with a misogynistic male comedian. The film was shot in Queens and Brooklyn, NY. It won the Best Narrative Short award at IndieMemphis and an award from Hammer to Nail's Winter 2015 short film contest: MUCK's world premiere was at the Sarasota Film Festival in April 2015. Other 2015 screenings include the Montclair Film Festival, Berkshire International Film Festival, Capital City Film Festival, Triskel Christchurch in Ireland, Oak Cliff Film Festival, BAMcinemaFest, Palm Springs International ShortFest, Nantucket Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival, Lago Film Fest, Sidewalk Film Festival, Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival, St. Cloud Film Fest, IndieMemphis, and Cucalorus Film Festival. Any inquiries about the film can be sent to [email protected] CAST Mel – Tallie Medel Dolores – Suzanne Grodner Dylan – Pat Dixon Sammy – Hank Gallo Marion – Thami Moscovici Host – Diane O’Debra Onstage Performers – Brer Brian, Mike Raphone, Todd Montesi, Bob Bell, Liz Miele, Jim Melloan Additional Performers – Joe Mulligan, Matt Maragno, Chrissie Mayr, Jeremy Kareken, Laura Bianco, Jesus Acevedo Jr., Peggy O’Leary, Michele Carlo, Janice Erlbaum, Tim Shea, Francis R. Hall, Emma Tattenbaum-Fine, Jessica Delfino, Bob Walles, Margaret Dodge PRODUCTION TEAM Director/Co-Writer/Producer – Bruce Smolanoff * Co-Writer/Producer – Emilie McDonald * Producer – Caitlin Mae Burke * Director of Photography – Sean Price Williams * Additional Cinematography – Peter Buntaine * Editor – Matt Sarno * Associate Producer/Art Director – Andreea Drogeanu * Associate Producer – Janice Erlbaum * Casting Director – Chie Morita * Assistant Director – Aidan Tumas * Assistant Camera – Lina Plioplyte * Assistant Art Director – Shaza Irfan * Sound Recordist – Greg Mailloux * Sound Editor – Arjun Sheth * Colorist – Chris Iversen * Production Consultants – Jamie Stuart, Bill Scurry Hair/Makeup – Emily Nowacki * Wardrobe Supervisor – Jennifer Kirschman * Script Supervisor – Caroline Symons * Key Production Assistant – Maxime Dugot * Production Assistants – Laura Finkelstein, Zach Herwitz, Ji Park, Vincent Rodella * Additional Comedy Writing – Janice Erlbaum * Social Media – Alexia Garcia Composers - Brian Homa and John Albano Website - Claire Peters

10. Food Theater by Emilie Baltz: The Smell Room

Food Theater by Emilie Baltz: The Smell Room

A looping sequence in exhibition at Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts that depicts a sub-section of "Food Theater", a series of multi-sensory experiential works of 2014 resident artist Emilie Baltz. "The Smell Room" demonstrates Baltz's signature "Fog Table" that provokes interaction and emits particular scents to accompany food during "Circuit of the Senses", a dinner party in the main galleries, and "Circus of the Senses", a cocktail party in Bemis' Okada sculpture facility. "Food Theater" exhibits in Gallery 1 of the Bemis Center until May 23, 2015. Short Film by Miguel Cedillo Installation by Emilie Baltz Curated by Amanda McDonald Crowley Director of Photography - Dan Thompson III Cinematography by Mike Machian and Scky Rei Music by Ryuichi Sakamoto Special Thanks to Alex, Jason and Amanda

11. Emilie Ramirez - Lupus

Emilie Ramirez - Lupus

ARTIST: Emilie Ramirez, Sony PRODUCTION COMPANY: Bite Films ACTORS: Shelly Jacqueline Levy & Ruben Lisboa DIRECTOR: Kerren Lumer-Klabbers PRODUCER: Fie Liv Bratfeldt DOP: David Bauer FOCUS-PULLER: Gustav Meiling & Kasper Bundvad GAFFER PRE: Jonathan Kjærgaard GAFFERS: Andreas Carbel & Victor C Jensen PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Mille Fischer Christensen PROPSMASTER: Jeppe Koudal Frostholm PROPS-ASSISTENT: Una McDonald COSTUMES: Yolanda Bluff MAKEUP: Mathias Ibenforth 1. AD: Asen Severinov PRODUCTION MANAGER: Laura Valentiner RUNNER: Julius Villum Krogh & Katharina Ellestensen STUNT: Anders Nylander and Flemming EDITORS: Allan Funch & Lotte Bergstrøm VFX: Sacha Wech GRADING: David Bauer KAMERA EQUIPMENT: Red Rental LIGHT EQUIPMENT: Lysudlejningen Filmgear GRIP EPUIPMENT: Filmgear CATERING: ChiliMili Special thanks to the extras!

12. Sit and Watch (Trailer) | 2016 | UK | 37min

Sit and Watch (Trailer) | 2016 | UK | 37min

Like an audiovisual fresco of the modern city – in this case, London – Sit and Watch adopts the form of “channel-hopping” revolving around different emblematic situations: parliamentary sessions, a guided boat tour, surveillance videos for a bus, a couple exhibiting their sexual frolics on the internet, a religious meeting and a boxing club. A portrait is thus drawn, through these various scenarios, of a world that stages itself, over-mediatised and dystopian, in which the individual strives in vain to find their place. Making the most of the serial effect of a device inspired by the small screen(s), this is a film that reflects, through delicate touches and with great skill, a society of spectacle which, between rhyme and irony, chooses the headlong rush, through politics and the media. A film that is as enjoyable as it is anxiety inducing, anchored in a resolutely contemporary discourse. Review by Emilie Bujès SCREENINGS: Visions Du Réel Nyon, Switzerland / 2016 Hamburg Short Film Festival, Germany / 2016 Docs MX, México / 2016 European Film Festival Dokumentart, Germany / 2016 Ethnologic Institute, Neuchatel Art Center, Switzerland / 2016 Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, France / 2017 London International Documentary Festival, UK / 2017 Doc en Courts Lyon, France / 2017 Peloponnisos International Documentary Festival, Greece / 2017 Lab Competition, Tabakalera, San Sebastián Spain / 2017 Festival du Film Subversif de Metz, France / 2017 Dangerous Docs, Japan / 2017 Festival Interferences Lyon, France / 2017 AWARDS: Best Mid-Length Film, Visions Du Réel / 2016 Jury Mention, Doc en Courts / 2017 Directed & Produced by: Francisco Forbes & Matthew Barton Original Music: Rombo Cinematography / Editing: Francisco Forbes Sound Recordist / Additional Camera: Matthew Barton Additional Camera: Marcus Autelli & Santiago Bernaldo De Quirós Additional Sound Recordists: Simone Torino & Luke Harris Colourist: Alejandro Armaleo VFX: Maria Peralta Ramos Sound Design and Mixer: Lautaro Aichenbaum SFX Editor: Pepa Saenz DCP Mastering: Soren Kloch Featuring: Penelope Granycome, Rob Marni, Gareth Murphy, Emily Wallis, Miles McDonald, Michael Williamson, Ian Davies, Mohamed Quronfleh, Stuart Lawson and the House of Commons.

13. BESWOON Bridal Showcase

BESWOON Bridal Showcase

VENDORS a love supreme photography A Plus Party Rental A. Watson Design Amy Allen Music Andrea's Bridal Bei Capelli Brea McDonald Photography Brent & Jess Central Maine Pyrotechnics Details Event Staging East End Cupcakes El's Cards emilie inc photography Emily Elizabeth Events European Bakery Focus Photography French's Point Gideon Forbes Band Hardy Farm Ileana Appleton Jennifer Nielsen Handcrafted Jewelry Joseph's Kimberly Savage Beauty Laurie Andrews Design Maine Event Design & Décor Minott's Flowers Nobleboro Antique Exchange Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott One Stop Event Rentals Papier Pencil Events Springer's The Event Light Pros Tuxedos on Broadway Watershed Floral Wavelength Band WellWed Magazine Xana Do Salon SPONSORS Amy Alward Insurance AV Technik HOT 104.7 Linda Bean Lobster LiveME RE/MAX By The Bay

14. 2011.08.01.bbq

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  • Duration: 623
  • By Kevin Bryant

BBQ a great success! – Kurt & Tandy Wickiser were kind enough to host the event at Creekside BBQ. Congressman Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) was our featured guest, but as you know, he was retained in Washington to fight the debt “deal” Monday night. Many thanks to the following sponsors of our BBQ on August 1st: Andrew & Catherine Adams, Gary & Susan Aiken Henderson, Tom & Janice Allen, Kerri & Jeninne Bailey, David & Lisa Bates, Michael & Susan Beeco, Bob & Ruth Belk, Bill & Francie Biggs, Don & Libby Black, Lee Boggs, Jamie & Krystal Boulware, Jim & Kit Bright, Paul & Sandy Brill, Edward & Claire Britt, Lois Brooks & Gene Masini, Art & Kathy Bruce, Cliff & Gloria Bryant, Don & Martha Bryant, Paul & Mary Buchanan, Mike & Susan Buckner, David Buffamoyer, Dennis Burt, Ronnie & Brenda Burton, Boyd & Brenda Callenback, Matt Callenback, Boyd & Dean Camak, Alexander & Nancy Campbell, Bert & Gretchen Campbell, Rame & Jennifer Campbell, Rob Carey, Richard & Marcia Cash, Jim & Martha Clamp, Bill & Janie Clary, Archie & Sue Cochran, Lee Cole, David & Deborah Collins, Steve & Terisa Cooper, Bob & Kathy Cord, Bonnie Courtney, Howard & Connie Cox, Roger Crater, C.T. & Miriam Cromer, Jeff & Sherri Cutliff, Charles & Libby Dalton, John & Claire Derning, Al Dobbins, Bob & Marlene Dowd, Bill & Maria Dunlap, Carl & Ruth Edwards, Carl & Ruth Edwards, Paul & Pam Ehrlich, Jack & Pam Elkins, John & Evelyn Farr, Dan & Janie Fleming, Donald & Patricia Furr, Helen Gaines, Bob & JoAnn Garrett, Ernie & Patsy Garrison, Paul & Jeanine Garvin, Ray Gillespie, Marjorie Halford, Marty & Lu Harkey, Ron & Susan Haskell, Floy Hendershot-McLellan, Jonathon Hill, Janet Hill, Jon & Liz Holmes, Larry & Claire Hubbard, Jacky & Janis Hunter, Bill & Angel Jordan, Henry & Pat Jordan, Ward & Laura Keeney, David & Sheila King, Eddie King, Sonny & Carol Kinney, Bob Klatt, Charles Lindley, Frank & Eleanor Lombardi, James & Linda Loparo, Tommy & Angela Lowe, Larry Lyles, Tom & Jane MaClennan, Gary & Sandra Madden, Tom Malone, Bob & Pat Martin, Dwayne & Elva Martin, Dickie McClellion, Sam & Suann McClure, B. C. & Patty McConnell, Jason & Jill McDonald, Ed & Eleanor McGaha, Kent & Martha McGahey, Ryan and Christy McKibben, Marvin & Carol McKie, Vernon & Joan Merchant, Gene & Lynn Merritt, Mary Ann Mills, Marian Moorhead, Patti Mowlajko, Everette & Beverly Newman, Russell & Connie Oakley, Jon & Luanne Ozmint, Vaughn & Cynthia Parfitt, Ben & Leslie Parker, Bud & Patsy Peeples, Bill & Joann Penn, Paul & Jeri Peterson, Grady & Ann Phillips, David Phillips & Maryanne, Jean Pickens, Lee & Beth Propp, Robert & Lou Rainey, Larry & Shirley Reeves, Lou & Ginger Rittweger, Keith & Kyra Roberts, Randy & Kim Roh, Larry & Emilie Rowland, Greg & Betty Ryberg, Bill & Patricia Sanders, Mike & Sherri Settle, Mel & Dottie Sloan, Will & Robin Stringer, Kelley Smith-O'Quinn, Dan Snipes, Bert & Tina Spear, Mark & Anne Thayer, Lowell & Vera Tolson, Bill Trammell, John & Brenda Traynham, Wayne & Jean Ulrich, Danny & Gina Varat, Mike & Cindy Vasovski, Danny & Kim Verdin, Bob & Cile Vickery, Greg & Nancy Vieau, Bob Waldrep, Danny & Susan Walker, John & Patty Watts, John & Kathy Wells, Bennie Sue West, Dick & Lesley White, Keith & Druanne White, Mickey White, Vermelle Williams, Marshall Willingham, Cindy Wilson, John & Nancy Wright, Freddie Zink

15. Ronald McDonald House Charities: Emily

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  • Duration: 31
  • By Dave Claus

16. Emily Contre Les Blaireaux - Ambleny - Hygnieres - Majorette - McDonald's Soissons

  • Published: 2016-07-08T10:17:51+00:00
  • Duration: 119
  • By Groenwald
Emily Contre Les Blaireaux - Ambleny - Hygnieres - Majorette - McDonald's Soissons

A chaque génération, une Majorette est élue pour lutter contre les Blaireaux. Seule, elle devra les affronter avec pour seule arme sa Peugeot 206. A Ambleny, elle s'appelle Emily. Inspiré d'une histoire vraie

17. Food Theater by Emilie Baltz: The Sound Room

Food Theater by Emilie Baltz: The Sound Room

A looping sequence in exhibition at Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts that depicts a sub-section of "Food Theater", a series of multi-sensory experiential works of 2014 resident artist Emilie Baltz. "The Sound Room" features the musically-driven flames of the Ruben's Tube, integral within Baltz's "Circuit of the Senses", a dinner party in the main galleries, and "Circus of the Senses", a cocktail party in Bemis' Okada sculpture facility. "Food Theater" exhibits in Gallery 1 of the Bemis Center until May 23, 2015. Short Film by Miguel Cedillo Installation by Emilie Baltz Curated by Amanda McDonald Crowley Director of Photography - Dan Thompson III Cinematography by Mike Machian and Scky Rei Audio Recordist - Dan Thompson III Audio Mix by Rick Carson, Make Believe Studios Special Thanks to Alex, Claudia and Amanda

18. Ninth Graduation Ceremony, 2:30pm, Monday, 18 April 2011 - The University of Adelaide

Ninth Graduation Ceremony, 2:30pm, Monday, 18 April 2011 - The University of Adelaide

Ninth Graduation Ceremony, 2:30pm, Monday, 18 April 2011 - The University of Adelaide Faculty of the Professions University Medal Angus Edward Jewell Moore. School of Economics Degree of Doctor of Philosophy For a thesis entitled Intertemporal Discounting as a Risk Factor for Obesity: An Economic Approach, Mark Christopher Dodd. Degree of Master of Applied Economics Rong Jian Lin and Sivasankar Pasupathy. Degree of Master of Applied Economics (International) Chi Fung Siu. Degree of Master of Applied Economics (Public Policy) Samuel John Fargher. Degree of Master of International Trade and Development Daniella Rocchina Colicchio and Hsien Hoong Yap. Graduate Diploma in Applied Economics Brian Scott Aslat. Graduate Certificate in Economics Almitra Anistia Iskandar and Tran Trong Nghia. Honours Degree of Bachelor of Economics Nicholas Michael Angelakis, Tuan Minh Lam, Tham Hong Thi Lu, Angus Edward Jewell Moore (University Medallist), Stacey Eliza Paterson, Antony Rene Juers Pietsch, Kylie Sue Springer, James Turnley, Luke Brian Wedding and Daniel Francis Wild. Degree of Bachelor of Economics Geoffrey Charles Gerald Adams (also received the Degree of Bachelor of International Studies), Xi Bai, Steven John Butler (also received the Degree of Bachelor of Finance), Xi Ni Chen, Wai Yan Chung, Michael Alistair Collin, Peter Alexander Cooke, Michael Cornish, Mengxue Du, Jeffrey Robert Duncan, Aaron Fromm, Luke Aiden Giles (also received the Diploma in Languages), Todd James Grant, Nicholas John Hodgson, James Michael Inglis, Victoria Elisabeth Korobacz (also received the Degree of Bachelor of Finance), Shanny Lai, Philip John Lavis (also received the Degree of Bachelor of Finance), Ling Fei Li, Thomas Ashley Lloyd, Sijie Lu, Jason Maiolo, Konstantinos Manouras, Andrew Peter McKinnon, Katherine Ann Medlin, Ashley Kate Muldrew (also received the Degree of Bachelor of International Studies), Stephen Adrian Noicos, Jarrad Adam Penley, Daniela Amelia Pullino, Adam John Rowan-Kelly, Cameron Paul Shields, Nicole Lee Sletvold, Patrick Gilbert Smith, Mathew James Stephen, Mateo Szlapek-Sewillo, Lisa Grace Tarzia and Samuel John Venning. Degree of Bachelor of Economics (International Agricultural Business) Yiwei Sun. School of Law Degree of Doctor of Philosophy For a thesis entitled Sir Owen Dixon: A Strict and Complete Legalist? His Contract Decisions Examined, John Gava. Degree of Master of Laws Marcella Bienvenue and Aaron Read. Degree of Master of Laws (General Studies) Nabihah Abdulmunem Abdalla Seif. Honours Degree of Bachelor of Laws Aleisha Nicole Brown (also received the Degree of Bachelor of International Studies and the Diploma in Languages) and Jacob Jervis-Bardy. Degree of Bachelor of Laws with Honours Harry Ash Black, Sara Jean Bray, Alexandra Marie Patricia Brook, Alissa Grace Cannon, Emma Louise Carnell, Melissa Elizabeth Carnell (also received the Degree of Bachelor of Arts), Carmen Wai-Yan Chan, John Tse-Liang Chong, John Frederick Clover, Sarah Louise Colvin, Patrick John Connelly, Andrew James D'Alessandro, Karin Stefanie Daehn-Alabi, Rebecca Leigh Dolan (also received the Degree of Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)), Simon Christopher Doyle, Andrew Mark Duffield, Daniel Josip Dujmovic, David James Elliott, Darren Phillip Evans, Kimberly Erin Eyre-Tilbrook, Mark Andrew Ferguson, Josie Rita Flynn, Anika Sally Francis, Monika Gajic, Georgia Goldsworthy, Laura Claire Gordon, James Peter Gould, Lauren Marie Grigg, Angus Bruce Groves, Samuel Sinclair Heithersay, Nina Ruth Ivanov, David Kent Jordan, Alice Mary Joy, Samuel Joyce (also received the Degree of Bachelor of Arts), Irene Kaiafas, Susan Patricia Kelly, Rory Jonathan Kennett-Lister, Elvira Jasmina Kojic, Katherine Mei Fong Liew, Georgia Claire Lloyd, Nicholas Wen Lum, Henrietta Emily Lyons, Fiona Joy McDonald, Kate Rose McFarlane, Keshia Lee McNally, Matthew Miles Minucci, Sonia Julia Misiajlo, Travis John Moran, Rachel Anne Morden, Adib Nehme, Nathaniel Thi Nguyen, Alexandra Sian Osis, Alexandra Jane O'Sullivan (Mace Bearer), Reena Padman, Erica Gilda Panagakos, Nicola Anne Pearce, Alexandra Jane Penner, Ch Helen Pissas, Chelsea Rae Pietsch, David Benjamin Porter, Annabelle Gemma Quist, Beryl Aloo Rachier, Hayley Louise Rantanen, Eveline Olivia Rygorowicz, Calinda Dawn Sacilotto, Elena Sarantaugas, Sanjay Brian Schrapel, Benjamin Alexander Scuteri, Christopher Kenneth Shute, Genevieve Mylenne Spencer, Ranjani Sundar, Sophie Rowena Sweeney, Sophia Raffaela Talotta, Adele Ruo Wei Teh, Chong Tsang, Zoe Kate Van Der Lee (also received the Degree of Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Management), Alexander Scott Vial, James Christopher Walker, Sarah Catherine White, Samuel David Wilson, Elizabeth Jane Woods, Alicia Mary Wrench-Doody, Lauren Alyce Wright and Janette Po-Chi Yeung (also received the Diploma in Languages). Degree of Bachelor of Laws Fatin Liyana Abdul Rahim, Sandeep Agarwal, Andrew Kenneth Baillie (also received the Degree of Bachelor of Arts), Laura Lucy Beare, John Edward Beilby, Kym Andrew Beilby, Catie Sarah Bell, Peter John Bertossa, Catherine Louise Boadle, Renee Jane Brooker, Bradley John Cagney, Andrew Cannella, Nhan Kien Chau, Natalia Chehade, Helene Michele Chryssidis, Fiorella Consoli, Joshua James Cosoff, Alice Elizabeth Costello, Michael Donald Cranwell, Joseph Karl De Rosa, Thabeetha Olive Devasagayam, Pritika Dey, Stefan Paul Dimitrijevich, Michael Peter Drozdowski, Brenda Vylean Druce, Alison Marie Edwards, Ricki Lee Fitzgerald, Emilie Walker Foden, Graham Paul Goss, Barnaby Hugh Grant (also received the Degree of Bachelor of International Studies), Christopher Tore Gregerson, Tong Guo, Dakota Jade Ha, Benjamin James Harkin, Georgina Sinclair Harris, Edward Harrison (also received the Degree of Bachelor of Engineering with Honours), Jeanie Katherine Hart, Gemma Faye Harvey, Jenna Ann Hay, Lauren Claire Hewitt-Doran, Alana Jayne Hockley, Charmaine Helen Hockley, Scott William Jelbert, Jenny Chen Ern Yee, Stefanie Choe Jia Nee, Panayiotis Nicholas Kapiris, Heather Claire Kitchener, Adrienne Valacco Koenig, Paris Kontibas, Tania Andriana Kowalczuk, Olla Kutieleh, Eleanora Anne Kyrylenko, Gloria Sau Hun Lam, Genevieve Helen Lewis, Andrew Liu, Lisa Victoria Lloyd, Morgan Bedford Moroney, Anmol Shardha Nand, Catherine Victoria Newman, Nik Nasha Damia Nik Ariff Azmee, Takako Oue, Susana Paje, Amela Paleka, Alix Louisa Phair, Talia Patricia Radan, Gokul Radhakrishnan, Tania Jhannat Rashidi, Sahar Sally Said, Christopher James Saunders, Hannah Marie Schioldann, Christopher Jordan Shopov, Christopher Stabolidis, Matthew Paul Stevens, Edwina Mary Storer, Brad Sullivan, Juris Merrett Svilans, Tan Yu-Kwang, Kieu Nhi Thi Tran (also received the Degree of Bachelor of Arts), Jessica Louise Tucker (also received the Degree of Bachelor of Arts), Antonia Teresa Vinci (also received the Degree of Bachelor of Health Sciences), Elias Peter Vlassis, Vu Dinh Huan Do, Samuel James Wagner, Jimmy Wang, Xun Wang, Joel David Wemmer, Beibei Xu, Eunice Lai Peng You and Siyi Bill Zhao. Professional Certificate in Arbitration Hilary Mary Gallagher and Stephen Matthew Nicholson.

19. Other People's Houses

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  • Duration: 997
  • By Bill Scurry
Other People's Houses

Writer/Director/Starring: Emilie McDonald Camera/Editor: Bill Scurry Featuring: Miranda Smolanoff Jeff Dickinson Cynthia King Larissa Kiel Joy Marr Ayesha Ozturk

20. HAPPY MEAL / Le Chat Potté

HAPPY MEAL / Le Chat Potté

European Happy Meal TVC for McDonald's Agency : TBWA\Paris Client : McDonald’s Creative Directors : Philippe Taroux - Benoit Leroux Art Director : Alice Mounoury Copywriter : Danaé Bilheude Agency Producer : Else France Producer : Emilie Prud’homme 3D : Mac Guff Director : Laurent Nicolas Sound : TBWA\Else